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About me...


Lee-Ann Vidal Covas 
she / her  \ (What is this?)

PhD Candidate

Boston University

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I'm originally from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico! I grew up being exposed to Spanish Caribbean dialects and was always fascinated by speakers' language ideologies, but it wasn't until the last year of my B.A. that I learned that linguistics was a thing. This opened up my horizons to the amazing world of language change and variation.

After graduating from my masters in 2013, I had the opportunity to teach Spanish to many amazing women. During that time, I realized that I missed the research aspect that my master's had given me but a glimpse of. This led me to pursue a PhD in Linguistics @ Boston University.

When not immersed in academia, I like to explore New England with my pup (Winter), play boardgames with wayyyy too competitive people, and read (when I can focus on the page 🤪).

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