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Lee-Ann Vidal Covas with a statue of Gnome Chomsky


I am a dedicated PhD candidate in Linguistics @ Boston University, specializing in the captivating realm of linguistic variation. My research delves into the intricate dynamics of language and dialect contact, exploring the social meaning embedded in linguistic variables.

Research Focus: Unraveling Linguistic Complexity

At the heart of my academic journey is a keen interest in the outcomes of language and dialect contact, coupled with an exploration of the social meaning inherent in linguistic variables. My dissertation sits at the crossroads of variation and change, contact linguistics, and multilingualism.

Dissertation Spotlight: Spanish Liquids and Beyond

My current research project, situated at the intersection of variation and change, contact linguistics, and multilingualism, delves into the multifaceted dynamic of linguistic variation, particularly focusing on the salient variable of Spanish liquids and the extent to which it covaries with other linguistic features. This work is a pivotal part of my contribution to Daniel Erker's Spanish in Boston Project, where I serve as a dedicated researcher.

Join Me on This Academic Exploration

As I navigate the complexities of linguistic variation, I invite you to join me on this intellectual journey. Explore my findings, delve into the intersections of language dynamics, and witness the fascinating world of linguistic research.

Thank you for visiting my academic hub. Let's embark on a shared exploration of the profound intricacies of language together.


  • Sociolinguistics

  • Language variation & change

  • Language & dialect contact

  • Multilingualism


PhD in Linguistics, 2024 (expected)

Boston University, USA

MA in Linguistics, 2021

Boston University, USA

MA in Hispanic Studies - Linguistics, 2013

Louisiana State University, USA

BA in Hispanic Studies & Literatures, 2011

Louisiana State University, USA

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